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Kasual provides one-stop Digital Advertising solutions

established in 2014

KASUAL Mission

We focus on providing a full range of digital sales, and to check the overall quality of our customers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search advertising is one of the effective solutions to improve website visibility and drive traffic. It helps you quickly improve your website’s position in search results and strive for free exposure.

Programmatic Advertising

can use complex targeting, such as demographics, interests, context, and placement to find the right audience from thousands of website.

Promotion in Mainland China

One-stop Chinese Digital marketing program, in-depth understanding of their habits and techniques, because we know that it is different, to help your brand penetrate the Chinese market and develop more customer sources.

Integrated Marketing Services

Provide services such as media strategy planning, material production, website production, popular communities, advertising execution optimization, corporate website ranking optimization, data analysis, etc.

Professional idea

professional team, research the consulting service provided for you