Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Do you know organic search only produced 23% of all website traffic? To grow your business, you have to make your website and promotion to be seen prominently at the moment customers are looking for it – Search Ads is one of the most effective solutions to enhance website viewability on free and bring in traffic from the top of search results on a very short time. Search ad can also help you to reach targeting audiences precisely, to ensure every dollars will spend on the right place.

Increase Exposure

Show your search ads above millions of organic search results while customers searching products/solutions related keywords. With advanced ad extensions (including callout, sitelinks, location and etc.), your ad can be more appealing and engaging than competitors


Flexible budget allocation by time and devices, offering free exposure by Cost-per-click (CPC) model

Multiple Targeting

To ensure your ad reaches the right customer precisely, you can select and narrow the targets by various targeting options (including demographics targeting and remarketing)

Our team has 13+ years of digital marketing experience in Hong Kong and equipped with the latest technology and knowledge, providing search marketing solutions including Search Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other SEM solutions. We use proprietary tools that connect Google and Yahoo/Bing application programming interfaces (APIs), data can be converted into valuable market insights, and then actions can be taken responsible for executing the entire advertising plan and helping you to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising in a one-stop solutions!

Programmatic Ad & Ad Network

Google Ads

Google is the most visited website holding 90%+ search engine market share worldwide. You can promote your products through Google SEM to 200+ countries in 40+ languages. Google Ads working on Pay-per-click (PPC) model, showing you ads to target audiences based on your selected keywords, target and bud price, you only need to pay when someone clicks on you ad. Which means, you can earn free exposure from Google Ads. Google Search Ads: Show your ads to numerous searchers via mobile, tablet and desktop, effectively grow your business from enhancing brand awareness to driving action. With its flexible management and measurable result, your campaign will be monitored day-to-day and hence to keep the top position in Google for maximum exposure. Google Shopping Ads: Showcase products with photo, description and price when customers searching for them. This is integrated with your merchant center and drive sales instantly.

Yahoo! Hong Kong

Yahoo/Bing Ads

Yahoo/Bing Ad helps you reach a large number of unique searchers on Yahoo! HK. In average, each user spends 87 minutes at Yahoo! HK, including News, Mail, Search Engine, and Auction. We can help you reach 63 million Bing worldwide users who aren’t using Google!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM Service

-Identify highly potential target customers -Select the appropriate platforms with budget allocation -Create holistic campaign structure, keywords, bid price, ad copy, ad extensions, remarketing and optimization -Ad tracking with regular analysis report sending to your email or access via our iMedia Platform -Negative keywords excluding low-performance search term -Value-added services (including tracking tools installation, alert report)


There are many factors to determine the ad position, such as:

Bid price

Keywords & content relevancy

Number of keywords

Landing page speed


If your search ad is not perform well, contact us to get a free consultation to improve the ad performance.

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