WeChat Official Account Application

KASUAL LIMITED provides a one-stop WeChat official account application agency service. You are welcome to contact us at any time to easily enter the world of 1.2 billion users.

What is WeChat Official Account?

WeChat Official Account is a platform base on group of Weixin users. Leading by enterprises, organizations or celebrity, providing services for different users. In this platform, it can be used not only for brand promotion (similar to Facebook’s fan page) but also add third-party plug-ins to enhance user experience. For example, China Merchants Bank official account allow user check information such as credit card bills and integrating. User may also directly apply for business credit card through the WeChat official account.. There are 3 types of WeChat official account - Service Account, Subscription Account, Enterprise Account.

Documents required for WeChat Offical account application:

  1. HKBR-color scanned copy (chop and signed by the legal person in Chinese)
  2. HKCI-color scanned copy (chop and signed by the legal person in Chinese)
  3. NAR-1-color scanned copy (chop and signed by the legal person in Chinese)
  4. Company bank statement (latest 3months, must include the bank account name, account number and payment address)
  5. Company website
  6. Company introduction
  7. Company registration email
  8. Operator HKID
  9. Operator email
  10. Operator’s mobile bill (the name of the operator must be displayed)

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