Video Marketing

Video marketing is foreseeable to be increased tremendously – a study showed it will take up 82% of global internet traffic by 2021. With the ever-rising popularity of digital devices and 5G technology, it gives an advanced way to unfold and disclose the narrative of your brand while presenting your brand and marketing messages promptly to audiences.

Encourage Social Sharing

92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. With a strategic video ad strategy, the brand message can reach more audiences to increase brand awareness, exposure and social influences

Influencing Buying Decisions

Creative and attractive videos can help you to capture audiences’ attention and boost decision making – around 2/3 of shoppers say online video inspire them to purchase

Encourage Interaction & Storytelling

Storytelling videos can naturally introduce your brand with emotional connection, provide a satisfying solution and drive interaction, such as share, comments, and like. Together with the call-to-action (CTA) message/button, you can direct the audience to a website or product pages for instant purchase

Appealing video plus video ad can largely increase your audience reach by boosting via our video ad network: YouTube, Facebook, Google, yahoo, Douyin…

Our professional video team helps you with one-stop video production services with best practices, from creative idea generation, theme planning, scriptwriting, shooting, animation design to post-production, create eye-catching videos that deliver your promotion message effectively.

Video Marketing


YouTube is the world’s largest video site with 2 billion+ monthly visitors in 100+ countries, offering rich video content, which is a great and accessible platform to raise brand awareness and cultivate relationships with customers.YouTube offers diverse targeting options, ad formats and cost-effective bidding models to cater different objectives, for instance, cost per view (CPV) bidding to drive video view from specific age groups, said 18-25.

Video Marketing Services

-Develop creative concept and direction


-Performer/KOLs line-up


-Professional creative team work for theme planning, scriptwriting, shooting, animation design to post–production


-Video Ad campaign from planning, scheduling to execution, covers social media and video network


-Regular ad performance report

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