Xiaohongshu official account management

Our team will operate and manage the Xiaohongshu enterprise account for customers, which can enhance the brand’s reputation and trust in the market. In addition, maintaining the operating enterprise account will help further enhance the brand’s popularity among the Xiaohongshu masses.

Service item Service Description
Operational positioning 1) Competitive product survey  2) Content direction  3) Product/service positioning and selling point establishment  4) Account potential customer positioning
Artical Original articles within 500 wordings,

120 graphic notes (average 20 articles per month)

Account management 1) Development of a note release plan  2) Comment interaction  3) Fan interaction

4) Optimize account weight score  5) Keyword analysis and optimization

6) Interactive optimization of note ranking  7) Industry keyword ranking optimization

Report 1) Weekly data report (number of fans, likes and comments)

2) Monthly data report (number of fans, likes and comments)

3) Put forward recommendations for the next stage of promotion based on the information

KPI 1) Guarantee the real exposure (praising and commenting) 8000+

2) Guarantee the growth of real fans by 2000+

Xiaohongshu official account management

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