WeChat official account management

Our team will operate and manage the official account for customers, including a series of tasks such as pushing articles. In addition to the following article push arrangements, we will also update the menu for customers in response to customer requirements.

Article content creative

Plan writing direction for clients every month.

Customers can make suggestions and modifications, such as which products to promote, or other information to be brought out.



The original articles are written by domestic experienced writers to meet the domestic reading style.

Provide interesting articles (the content is taken from the Internet) to increase the richness and interest of the posted articles.


WeChat layout and push

After confirming the first draft, we will typeset the article and hand it to the client to preview the overall effect.

After confirming all the layouts, push them regularly.


Monthly report

Provide monthly reports on a regular basis every month, so as to know the number of fans in the official account, the distribution of fans from the region, and the publication of articles (reading volume/likes/shares). The domestic team will make data analysis and suggestions to help adjust the promotion Strategies to attract more fans and attention, increase the visibility and confidence of the official account, so as to enhance the competitiveness of the brand/product in the online market.


Customer service

1-2-1 Customer Service

Time: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 18:00 pm (except public holidays in China)

Respond to user comments within 48 hours of user interaction time


WeChat official account management

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