China Network Press Release

Our team will write articles for customers and publish them on well-known domestic portal websites (such as Tencent, Sohu) and media news websites to increase the visibility, trust and exposure of customer brands in the market.

Strengthen brand effect

Articles appear on well-known domestic websites, increasing the brand and the content spread, and the authority of the readers.

Insert the QR code and link

Some websites allow adding a QR code or link to the official account in the article, which can lead to the official account and official website.

Easy to include in search engines

Since it is published on high-weight websites such as news or well-known websites, articles will be included more easily and quickly. Therefore, it is easy to display relevant web pages when searching on Baidu and Sogou.

Soft marketing

The articles are presented in the form of news reports, which are easy for readers to accept.

Companies can also edit reports into media reports for other displays.

China Network Press Release

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